Peter Beckett - Left Side Gallery, Flesherton, Ontario

After the initial exhibition in February, 2008, Beckett took over the Left Side Gallery. more ...

The 1,200 sq. ft gallery is housed on the main floor of the Richardson Building (circa 1860) on the corner of highways 4 & 10 in Flesherton. The gallery had featured Ontario artists for the past five years.

In addition to exhibition of "finished" paintings, the Gallery has served as a viewing room for the Beckett's wet paintings as they emerge. Some new paintings hold their own; some go back to the woods for revision.

As a consequence, the exhibition evolves in between the major changes. The closing of the exhibition at the Rolls-Royce showroom provided an opportunity to consolidate the work closer to home. The next major change will be the intoduction of drawings and paintings from Providence, Rhode Island, 2001-2002.

September 11th Memorial