AVADA: Another Vain Attempt at Defining Art

When I'm painting, I am exploring. When the exploration leads to discoveries, maps, notes and travel journals can take a number of forms beyond the paintings. Questions, ideas and musings that might provide another perspective on what I'm doing occasionally find a voice in words. These notes are collected under the heading,"avada", an acronym for “another vain attempt at defining art".

the ever-shifting
all things
through telescope
now microscope
and to dissolve
to catch a glimpse
from with-in curiosity.

open to discoveries,
emerging connections
extending the "moment."
imposed will
in the back seat sept 20 -07

in the stream
of consciousness
wandering, exploring
the spaces between.

thoughts and ideas
tumbling forth
from intuition and emotion.
time and space playing
with new rules.

in the openness,
connecting moments
evoking glimpses and recollections.
a kaleidoscope of shifting interconnection
of all things. sept 19 2007


the gesture's emergence
through editing
why not;
the same message in
a number different

the space between
the languages
the place of the

painting simultaneously in
different directions
towards changing the show

late in october sept 5 -07

AVADA ( Another Vain Attempt at Define Art ) February 10-05

Painting: The trick is to stop as soon as it turns into something, before you recognize it, before you change it to hide your self…and if that doesn't work to have the good sense to push it off the cliff again , and to watch it shift in free fall from one dimension to another
waiting for the next opportunity to stop.

As a stone tossed into still water produces ripples - rings moving outward as sound emanating from a bell... so the reverberations - the concentric radiation from the most recent 'origin of all things' unites all things with intention and premonition.

to paint some thing that,
when you first see it
it reminds you of
one of the rare occasions
when you
can't believe your eyes...
when paintings give birth
to new paintings
painting between ancestors
on the subject of
how not why
seduced by landscape
escape by what ever means
now dragging black to
reveal the past
then leaving it up to the chance of
a cross dissolve
image emerging in
the midst of a
lunar eclipse

the day in october of the lunar eclipse
the same day the blue-jay hit the window
revised 444am march 19, 2005

when painting arrives at
the idea of imagination as both
a voluntary and involuntary muscle
while at the same time remembering that
imagination is a tool of excavation
then what is curiosity?
what is grasping
at straws?

re. the 80x66 in. painting companion to" the door" painting
of providence 02..... now mostly yellow
being picked up and reiterated
while the reverberations
of the first finale are
still faintly audible

in the pulse of the expansion
of all things from the centre
do we choose the notes of the melody
or reverberate in response to our curiosity?


as i was loading the wood-stove
every piece cut and split selectively....
perilous and arduous
forest management being less
romantic than gardening
i can feel the radiance now
from the sunny days
of another early spring

finding pleasure and beauty in daily activities...
ones that would "normally" not be considered in those terms
then, somehow managing to record something of that
link with a natural rhythm to share

can that be one source of art… part of the expanding definition ?

winter 05
how marvelous the mechanism of depth perception
then skiing through the woods adds a forth dimension
the sound of the ice in upper branches , the touch of falling rain
the forever smell of maple smoke and the call of a crow again......

these dimensions combine in experience
other elements combine in the record

01-19-05 winter sunset

art being responsible
for cultural evolution, perhaps more.............
the transference of secrets and passionate curiosities
one generation to the next
one region, one culture to the next

it's dangerous sounding ....the idea that we may evolve
and be able to keep a record
"a cautionary tale", the love story

a shift , like guitar playing, ...if you trick yourself .
some times you can get around your self

west from the"fourteen steps too the wood shed"

01-19-2005 tree bark

i'm painting out the window

the notes can take any form ....ironing, hop-scotch, environmental abstract expressionism

this works for me but it won't necessarily work for you

i shift from one form to the next as, either an obstacle appears, running out of dv tape for example, or the in-coming is taking a different form or , an idea precipitates from something that iv'e made "tangible"


the argument

i know some thing new
the playing with gravity of the forty two squares
and blue spills
is taking the next step in "efficiency"
"yeh yeh
now try painting it standing up"

if i am painting the argument between between
pollak and bill ,
what could be better than that

if we think of creatures with longer life-spans than our own and expand our idea of time to allow comparisons with their perspectives
and expand our notion of entity and intelligence to something as variable as trees and biospheres for example, how would it affect the decisions that we make from day to day

summer heat of sun and rain
in a clearing in the forest
eccentric observations
of concentric rings expanding
three dimensions, as a starting point
of a one way conversation….
There's an ominous yellow with evening's dawn
with distant rumbling and a sudden calm
of dramatic implication

( then out went the lights ) aug 4 05

Catch and Release Abstraction

While painting the edges, getting the recent canvases ready for exhibition
It occurred to me that:

when you cast a net
into another plane
And what you find
You release again
That's catch and release

Some paintings leave the nest while they're still drying
Others have kept me company for some twenty years

My cousin said that dance is
the purest form of expression
That my be true but…

as the drummer moves around the drum kit
("I'm back"….. that's your part)
so shall the dancer move
the two dancing,
what do you call that? What?
You know
Minds entwined
So, as not only the rhythm of
the words but
the rhythm of
the writing dances
I think the word
glimpse is important
touching with ones' eyes
seeing like touching
the drummer moves
the sound and then I painted
the Red Maple Leaf

when dead-lines produce dead lines what to do, what to do?